In partnership with The Center for Health Design, we’re thrilled to offer 2 free behavioral health educational opportunities at the end of this month.


Webinar 1

  • Behavioral Health Outpatient Care in a Post Pandemic World
  • Understand how the pandemic has impacted outpatient behavioral health care.
  • Identify pandemic-inspired changes to reimbursement and operational models.
  • Explore new priorities and solutions related to outpatient behavioral health design.
  • Formulate conclusions about what changes will remain, and what will return to normal.


Webinar 2
Recent Mental Health Projects: The Newest Lessons Learned

  • Learn about changes in CMS and Joint Commission patient safety requirements and the cascading impact of those requirements on mental health project costs, scope, and schedules.
  • Identify early lessons learned from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on both operating mental health facilities and projects in the planning and design process.
  • Explore recent and emerging clinical changes impacting mental health facility design.
  • Understand the underlying rationale for recent trends in the mental health facility planning and design.
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