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Navigating the Differences Between Healthcare and Behavioral Health



In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, the design of patient rooms plays a pivotal role in creating environments that cater to diverse needs. Stance, a trusted supplier in the Healthcare and Behavioral Health industries, understands the nuances of designing spaces supporting patients, family members, and care providers. There are distinctions between healthcare and behavioral health room design, and a number of considerations that should be considered when creating a space for patients in healthcare vs. behavioral health. This includes the intentional specification of textiles, materials and furniture collections. 

Differences in Design Philosophy: 


  1. Room Layouts: 
  • Healthcare: Healthcare spaces often adhere to standardized layouts for broad application. Consistency in seating options and furniture throughout the facility allows for ease in future purchasing and budgetary control. 
  • Behavioral Health: The absence of guidelines in Behavioral Health spaces necessitates personalized, adaptable layouts. “Spaces within a space” become crucial, offering vignettes that cater to varying crises and unique needs for respite and interaction or isolation. 
  1. Textiles : 
  • Healthcare: Vibrant colors and patterns may adorn the furniture in primary care practices, adding liveliness to the space. 
  • Behavioral Health: Intentional design patterns shift toward soothing, simple, earth-inspired tones. Stance takes pride in offering high-performance fabrics in calming shades, contributing to an environment that promotes relaxation without distractions. 
  1. Materials: 
  • Healthcare: Aesthetics often take precedence, allowing for diverse finishes and textures in furniture. 
  • Behavioral Health: Material selection prioritizes performance, considering potential risks such as picking or tearing. Stance recommends materials like Marmoleum™, Corian® solid surface, rotomolded, HDPE, and CF Stinson high-performance for durability and safety. 


Comparing Frontier and Lotus: Award-Winning Solutions for Behavioral Health Spaces

Frontier Casegoods Collection:
The award-winning Frontier bed, desk, shelving, and chair are a revolutionary collection designed for Behavioral Health environments. Crafted from high-impact polyethylene through rotational molding, Frontier guarantees unparalleled durability. Engineered with safety in mind, rounded corners, and edges mitigate potential risks. The “flip-style” bedside cabinet, bed with surface grooves for fluid management, and seamless, stain-resistant design ensure easy cleanability and minimize healthcare-acquired infection. Units can be bolted to the wall or floor for added security, emphasizing a commitment to comprehensive care and security. 

Lotus Casegoods Collection: 
The Lotus Casegoods Collection includes a bed, bedside, desk, and wardrobe. It was recently awarded the Nightingale Gold Award and an Innovation Award. This collection seamlessly blends aesthetics and functionality, setting new standards for safety in behavioral health spaces. The wood-grained appearance brings warmth to healthcare environments, fostering a calming ambience. Safety is paramount, with ligature-resistant features, seamless edge, proprietary joinery system, and an open design that minimizes concealment risks, aligning with the highest safety standards. Lotus is a testament to exceptional design, environmental consciousness, and forward-thinking features, creating an ideal solution for behavioral health spaces.

As the healthcare landscape continues to evolve, the importance of thoughtful patient room design cannot be overstated. Stance’s commitment to creating unique experiences for all patients, family members, and care providers is evident in its comprehensive furniture collections. By understanding the differences between Healthcare and Behavioral Health design philosophies, facility planners and interior designers can navigate the complexities and create spaces prioritizing safety, comfort, and healing. 

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