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2024 Sponsored Webinars & Workshops



Stance proudly supports The Center for Health Design (CHD), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of healthcare through the design of the built environment. Since 2017, Stance and The Center for Health Design have partnered to provide the healthcare design community access to behavioral health webinars and workshops, aiming to enhance healthcare outcomes and foster safe and supportive spaces. This partnership emphasizes research, education, and community involvement to empower webinar and workshop participants with the necessary tools for success.


This year, our partnership programming begins on April 18th with an innovative design webinar day featuring two online sessions, Cardboard Meets AI and Stronger Together: Inside the Design Process for a Community Model of Behavioral Health Care. Next month on May 23rd, CHD presents a virtual workshop Behavioral and Mental Health: Design for Supportive and Responsive Care Settings.


Join CHD on April 18th at 10 am PST for an engaging Cardboard Meets AI workshop. Participants will explore how generative AI and traditional design can merge to produce qualitative prototypes for healthcare design. By leveraging AI, participants can enhance meaningful interactions in healthcare settings and create full-scale mock-ups leading to streamlined prototype development. During this workshop, attendees will enhance design precision, efficiency, and accuracy in healthcare by exploring and applying this innovative design concept. 


Later in the afternoon, at noon PST, CHD will dive into the Behavioral Health standard and its impact on mental health outcomes through human-centric design in their webinar Stronger Together: Inside the Design Process for a Community Model of Behavioral Health Care. The webinar will explore the benefits and implications of transitioning to community-based facilities and analyzing the influence of healing environments on patients. It will also cover the key design strategies used to create healing environments and the collaborative team approach to ensure patient support and increase the human-centered design approach opportunities in each facility.


On May 23rd at 8 am PST, CHD presents Behavioral and Mental Health: Design for Supportive and Responsive Care Settings. Participants will concentrate on how behavioral health aligns with the complex nature of healthcare environments, focusing on accessibility, design, and the impact on the well-being of caregivers and patients. Through insightful case studies, panel discussions, and state-of-the-art best practices, participants will gain valuable knowledge and tools for designing supportive and responsive healthcare facilities.


Following these educational sessions, two additional webinars are taking place later this year on August 15th, followed by an in-person workshop on September 17th, Behavioral and Mental Health: New Directions in Care and Design of Environments to Support That Care where participants will discuss evolving care methodologies to enhance Behavioral Health design in healthcare spaces.


We are proud to support the design community through our partnership with the CHD, and their educational sessions. We encourage you to sign up for these sessions and explore the intricate details of behavioral health and the design complexities necessary for creating a thoughtful, supportive, and meticulous environment.

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