Spotlight On: Oasis Glider For Behavioral Health

Stance Behavioral Health’s Oasis Glider highlights the value of movement in Behavioral Health environments.

When selecting the right furniture for your healthcare facility, it’s important to take into account how every feature and function will impact those who interact with it. The Oasis Glider by Stance Behavioral Health offers an array of finishes to conform to any aesthetic, with features and functionality that help set it apart and provide therapeutic benefits where patients need it most. 



As stewards of thoughtful design, Stance Behavioral Health understands as well as anyone how furniture can affect the well-being of patients in Behavioral Health settings. And the Oasis Glider reflects that understanding perfectly. It’s a solid, heavy-duty glider that stays secure to the ground to enable patient movement, without moving and causing damage to your facility’s floor – resulting in a safer, sturdier alternative to the traditional rocking chair that offers the soothing comfort and therapeutic benefits of movement


Traditionally, the benefits of movement have rarely been utilized outside of elderly care, but the benefits of movement in Behavioral Health settings cannot and should not be underestimated. Motion promotes relaxation and comfort, while reducing stress and decreasing the need for anxiety and depression medication, and supporting a more pleasant patient experience overall.  


The Oasis Glider is available for general healthcare settings, but its benefits are best experienced in a Behavioral Health environment – where standards are transitioning from institutional furnishings to more intentional furnishings that support safe and comforting environments.


If you’re interested in moving forward with a new approach to Behavioral Health furnishings and want to learn more about the benefits of the Stance Behavioral Health Oasis Glider, click here.

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