Stance Healthcare Announces Flo, Where Comfort Meets Durability

Flo, first of three June product launches from healthcare the furniture designer and manufacturer 


CHARLOTTE, N.C. – Stance Healthcare, a leader in furniture design and manufacturing for general and Behavioral Healthcare facilities, introduces Flo, an all-new dining collection created exclusively for the Behavioral Health setting. Flo offers beautiful organic lines and a soothing color palette, providing a calming aesthetic that invites users to relax while dining safely in an intensive use space.


The chair and tables in the Flo series, available beginning June 3, feature a rotationally molded one-piece base offering superior durability and cleanability, and can be ballasted or bolted to the floor to suit environmental needs. The Flo dining chair is ergonomically designed to enhance user comfort and safety, featuring high back support with rounded edges throughout. Table tops in the series include a seamless laminated surface with a molded polyurethane edge to resist picking, and are assembled using a multi-core composite construction with encapsulated fasteners for superior strength. Flo’s balance of functional symmetry and peaceful color tones make it a welcoming addition to any Behavioral Health facility.


Stance Healthcare has a strong belief that the outcome of patient care is impacted by the environment it is received. That is the foundation of Stance’s new brand mission: Improving Lives by Design. Looking beyond the design of a piece, into the user interactions and settings, lends support and comfort to the patient/caregiver experience.


“Each Stance Healthcare design is developed with consideration of the overall impact the piece will have once installed,” said Carl Kennedy, Stance Healthcare’s president. “Flo was created for the Behavioral Healthcare setting with the understanding that every aspect of an environment contributes to the people within it. We want patients and caregivers alike to find comfort in the time they spend on our furniture, and for the furniture to bring a sense of peace and balance to the area.”


Joining Stance’s growing collection of new Behavioral Health products for 2021 is Pier, a series of tables built for high-use Behavioral Health environments, also launching June 3. Our Pier Tables are made to be seen, with a sleek yet sturdy construction. Pier Tables are built for high-use Behavioral Health environments, with adjustable post legs that withstand wear and stabilize against tipping.


New releases from Stance Healthcare and Stance Behavioral Health for 2021 include:

Jensen Guest Seating Collection and Jensen Lounge Collection (released in March)
Valet and Valet for Behavioral Health (released in April) 
Iris Occasional Table and Iris Occasional Table for Behavioral health (released in May)
Gem Occasional Table (released in May)

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Founded in 2006, Stance Healthcare manufactures furniture for healing environments, with a particular focus on hospitals and behavioral health facilities. Stance Healthcare has a reputation for providing high-quality products that meet the ever-evolving demands in the areas of design, comfort, safety, durability, renewability, infection control and environmental sustainability. With a strong understanding of patient-centered design, Stance Healthcare is committed to providing innovative furniture solutions that support the healing process. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information on Stance Healthcare and visit to learn more about our Behavioral Health offerings and insights.


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