Stance Healthcare Launches Lotus Casegoods Collection

A Fusion of Design, Functionality, and Safety



FEBRUARY 22, 2024 – Stance Healthcare proudly introduces the Lotus Casegoods collection, a triumph in healthcare furniture design that recently earned the prestigious Nightingale Gold Award in the Furniture Collections category and an Innovation Award. This cutting-edge collection is meticulously crafted to seamlessly blend aesthetics and functionality, prioritizing environmental consciousness while setting new standards for safety in behavioral health spaces.


The Lotus Casegoods collection stands out as a beacon of innovation, having clinched not only the Gold Award but also an Innovation Award, a testament to its exceptional design and forward-thinking features. With a focus on creating an aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly environment, the collection brings a touch of warmth to behavioral health spaces with its wood-grained appearance, fostering a calming ambience for patients.


“Safety, aesthetics, and sustainability were at the forefront of our design philosophy when creating the Lotus Casegoods collection,” said Stance Healthcare President and CEO Carl Kennedy. “Receiving the Gold Award and Innovation Award reaffirms our commitment to delivering furniture solutions that meet the highest design standards and address the unique needs of healthcare environments.”


Safety is paramount in healthcare settings, particularly in behavioral health spaces. The Lotus Casegoods collection has been meticulously designed to address this concern with ligature-resistant features, ensuring the well-being of patients. Its open design further minimizes the risk of concealment, aligning with the highest safety standards in healthcare environments.


The Lotus Casegoods collection perfectly balances elegance, functionality, and safety. For more information about the award-winning Lotus Casegoods collection and other groundbreaking furniture solutions from Stance Healthcare, please visit


About Stance Healthcare

Founded in 2006, Stance Healthcare manufactures furniture for healing environments, with a particular focus on hospitals and behavioral health facilities. Stance Healthcare has a reputation for providing high-quality products that meet ever-evolving demands in the areas of design, comfort, safety, durability, renewability, infection control and environmental sustainability. With a strong understanding of patient-centered design, Stance Healthcare is committed to providing innovative furniture solutions that support the healing process. Please visit for the latest news and in-depth information on Stance Healthcare and visit to learn more about our Behavioral Health offerings and insights.

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