The Story Behind Resilia, our Award-winning Drum Tables Built to Last

Perfect for Behavioral Health facilities, Stance Healthcare’s Resilia Drum Table features a Marmoleum™ surface that makes it extremely durable and easy-to-clean. Combining that with Resilia’s unique appearance, which helps provide an environment that feels overall less institutional, is what makes this award winner ideal for any healthcare setting. The concept behind this standout, highly functional design was years in the making.


Years before healthcare designer, Suzanne Fawley, joined the Stance Healthcare design team, she made an observation that would plant the seed for Resilia. While designing for high-impact medical facilities, Suzanne kept running into a recurring problem that seemed to be a common refrain for many healthcare settings: specifically, they all had a laminate problem. The popular surface material for healthcare furnishings is prone to splitting when worn or punctured, and its sharp edges create potential for immediate safety issues in such environments.


“While working as a designer in a prison hospital, I was concerned with a chair that had a laminate side panel which began to chip and split. In these types of high-impact settings, something like split laminate can quickly become a weapon for self-injury or harm to others,” says Fawley. “I knew there was an opportunity to replace laminate furniture with something safer and more durable, and I began to seek a solution.”


Suzanne began researching alternate materials with durability being top priority. Her first instinct – using a flooring product that withstands daily wear – ultimately led her to Forbo Marmoleum™, the nontoxic, naturally durable and sustainable surface material that would answer the call. In 2016, Suzanne pitched the idea as a new furniture collection to Stance Healthcare’s Bruce and Carl Kennedy, and within a year, Resilia was born.


The Resilia Drum Table’s modern and practical design, in combination with its innovative surface materials, made it a fast award winner: The product took home Healthcare Design’s 2017 Nightingale GOLD Award in the same year it launched. Three years later, the table is a popular seller for the company due to its winning combination of long-term durability and pleasing aesthetics.


“Resilia is a completely different take on the industry status quo for these types of tables, which are still typically just laminate weighted cylinders,” says Fawley. “For healthcare facilities, you can’t find a better quality investment for your space, as this is a product that will stand the test of time. Resilia is the most durable, cleanable drum table available – and most importantly, that translates to safer environments for the users it serves.”


Resilia is available in 10 different size selections, including two oval options released in 2020.


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