Stance Healthcare Expands Award-Winning Behavioral Health Collection

Frontier collection adds desk, shelving to innovative line designed to support dignity, healing


TORONTO, ON (February 13, 2020) – Stance Healthcare, a furniture designer and manufacturer specializing in Behavioral Health spaces, has added two new products to their award-winning Frontier collection. The acclaimed product line now includes two shelving units and desk, in addition to the 2019 Nightingale Gold Award-winning bed and bedside table. The latest offerings are available for purchase Thursday, February 13.


These new products continue the Stance Healthcare collection’s signature emphasis on durability with a comforting aesthetic. As with the bed and flip-style, multi-use bedside table, the bookshelf and desk were developed with a goal of “realistic functionality” that prioritizes safety. The rotationally-molded products feature rounded corners and are manufactured with naturally pick-proof materials for patients experiencing Behavioral Health treatment.


“With a variety of care modules evolving for Behavioral Health, yesterday’s one-size-fits-all approach to interior design no longer works. The various areas of the facility must be treated independently,” said Suzanne Fawley, Stance Healthcare’s Behavioral Health interior designer who developed the Frontier line with the company. “The Frontier line supports each patient’s specific treatment experience, making the caretaking process easier, cleaner, and less interruptive – while offering a less clinical, more residential feel.”


In addition to the new desk, the line expansion offers both two-shelf and three-shelf wall mount unit options. The design style behind the shelving follows that of the award-winning Frontier collection: They accommodate patients’ specific needs, per treatment need and length of stay. The two-shelf option offers patients convenient storage for journaling or coloring book therapy, or alternately as clothing storage for a short-term stay. The three-shelf option can accommodate approved personal and expanded clothing items for a longer period of stay. Both options offer a pleasing aesthetic which eliminates visual clutter, thus supporting a quiet environment for Behavioral Health patients in treatment.


“As pioneers in Behavioral Health design, Stance Healthcare innovates award-winning products that prioritize dignity in the treatment process, improving the quality of healthcare experiences for patients, visitors, and caregivers,” said Carl Kennedy, Stance Healthcare’s president. “We are proud of the way our Frontier collection addresses these unique needs and are looking forward to offering even more furniture options with the shelving and desk additions.”


Stance Healthcare’s Behavioral Health products, including the Frontier collection, support the evolving demand for increased Mental & Behavioral Health treatment facilities across the U.S. The Frontier shelving and desks are available to purchase by calling Stance Healthcare customer service at 1-877-395-2623 beginning February 13. 

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