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Full Circle: The Evolution of our Award-Winning Product Lines

Stance is dedicated to improving lives by design, and our commitment to innovation is central to that mission. As a team, we are always listening to market needs to evolve product offerings that support the best healthcare experience possible for everyone involved. Whether that’s creating entirely new products, adding functionality features to existing products or refreshing our best-sellers with new finishes and fabrics, Stance is constantly working to find ways to improve more lives through better design.


As we reflect on our track record of supporting this commitment, three of our product lines in particular serve as excellent examples of how we’ve delivered and evolved top-performing, long-lasting products: the award-winning Resilia drum table, Flo chair and table series, and Frontier casegoods collection for Behavioral Health.

Resilia is one of the most popular, and most acclaimed Stance products for a reason. Born from a need for a safe, durable alternative to laminate drum waiting room tables, Resilia uses Marmoleum™ finishes to provide extreme durability and make the tables easy to clean and maintain. The 2017 HCD Nightingale Award winner offers a variety of drum tables in different sizes and shapes that help bring warmth and comfort to the healthcare space, and in recent years, Stance has expanded the line to meet the demands of modern healthcare. The Resilia waiting room drum tables are now available in an oval shape and 8 new colorful Marmoleum finishes, and soon the Resilia table without a plinth base will be available as a standard offering. These innovations give healthcare providers the flexibility to find a table that works for their space’s functionality and aesthetic needs.


Another great example of Stance’s product innovation in motion is Flo. The Chair and Table series is clean and beautifully designed and provides a calming aesthetic for the Behavioral Health space. The rotationally molded chair and table are safe, durable, inviting, and easy to clean — making it great for heavy-use areas in the Behavioral Health space. Its unique combination of ease-of-use, design and durability won Flo the Gold at the 2021 HCD Nightingale Awards — and the popular collection is only getting better. The Flo chair is now available with replaceable chair seat and back pads to help add more comfort and another design element to the space. And with plans to expand our Flo line in the future, we will continue to push the boundaries of functional design to create furniture that works harder for healthcare spaces everywhere.



Last but certainly not least, a 2019 Gold winner at the HCD Nightingale Awards, our Frontier line of Behavioral Health-grade, rotationally molded patient room furniture will expand its product offerings this year with the addition of a lower bed and bedside. The Frontier line is designed to be safe, durable, and inviting, providing a sense of calm and comfort for patients in Behavioral Health environments. Frontier is available with a number of options to provide more functionality and safety to suit the needs of specific healthcare spaces. With the upcoming addition of the lower bed and bedside, the Frontier line will be even more versatile and accommodating.


Stance will continue to research, listen to market needs, and keep up with industry trends to provide the most functional, well-designed and innovative healthcare furniture on the market. Because innovation never stops. 

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